Sunday, September 25, 2011

10 Ways to Attract Seen Through the Eyes of Men

girls in Eyes of Men

The new study just found this course will make every woman in the world be happy to hear it. Well, now for you who are troubled to find every way to look good in front of his idol, you must read the following tricks!

1. Red dress, is more interesting

You will definitely take back the red dress that has been stored neatly in a cupboard under the ground you after reading this. A study from the University of Rochester said that the woman who wore a red dress would look more attractive in the eyes of men compared to women who wore other colors. The red color is very attractive, especially in terms of sexual attraction. .....

2. No dress? lipstick was so

Researchers from the University of Manchester say that the rosy color of the lips with fiery eyes can better capture the attention of men towards you. Because the research proves, that the man spent a long time to pay attention to the color red sexy lips that decorate it. Added, that the adam usually be captivated within 7.3 seconds when they looked at your red lips who was talking and laughing. Similarly, the dress, the lips can also be classified into one of sexual attraction found in a woman.

girls in Eyes of Men

3. Smile

Okay, after you play around with colors that can attract the men, now is the time you spend terhandal moment to make a man intoxicated to make. Smile. When you're past the dream man who was huddled with her male friends, you need not worry and worry. Step by step confidently, and do not forget your stance, smile! A smile can make you look more cheerful and attractive. Moreover, if the smile you have a hidden meaning in it, he will be more intrigued by it. Try it!

4. Laugh at his jokes

A study at Canadian University stating that the laughing when the man was joking can make them more attracted to you. This is due to the nature of every person who wants to be noticed. With you laugh at jokes that he made, would give the impression that you appreciate them and he managed to make you laugh. Next? he will seek another joke that will be addressed to you.

5. Mimicked his expression

This may seem strange your minds, but it works! A study says, that when a man speaks with a facial expression changing, it's good for you to imitate. This will make you look cute and fun in front of him. Maybe once in a while, you can copy the accent especially when you're talking, believe me, nothing can stop you laugh today.

6. Speaking with a high tone

Well, do not interpret this as a conversation with uncontrolled high notes that seemed even to make you shout. However, say a few words with a high tone as if you are happy with it. One example of when you and he are looking at the fireworks, here's when you shout a fascination with faces lit up. This can make a man very interested in seeing your behavior is innocent and naive.

7. Set up your gait

It's good for you to start setting out how you walk. Every now and then try to reflect while walking to find out how your posture when walking. Why? because of the way you walk can be a separate assessment for some of the men around you. Surely you do not want to look bad in a way that seemed to walk you bend it? So, see and practice how to walk you right now. Maybe sometimes you can simulate how to run the model abroad as your reference.

8. Avoid excessive crying

For this one issue, let alone men, some of your female friends may have started your disgust with the habit of excessive crying. Research proves that some men really hate women who are always crying, especially when you're with the man himself. It can make you look very weak and not independent. Crying is normal is usually done by a woman, but control the manner and intensity of crying you'll be much better for you in getting the attention of a man.

9. Indicate your arm section

Maybe you think that men like the legs as the sexiest body parts is owned by women. Wrong! Research has shown, that it makes him more interested in is the arm of a woman. Wow, if so, why not try to take him jogging in the morning together while you're using a tank top.

10. Show your Curves

Researchers in Scotland observed that men prefer women with normal weight, compared with women who are super skinny. So, stop for a strict diet that makes you look like suffering from anorexia. If you are a woman with body fat, do not get discouraged and confused to find a quick way to turn it down. All you have to do is, show you an interesting body shape it. The men knew exactly what makes you appear more attractive.

Finally! through research that has tested the truth, for you women who are looking for ways to hook the idol of the heart, now is the time to spread your charm. Show time!


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