Wednesday, August 25, 2010

20 Beautiful Bollywood Babes Who Could Replace Hollywood Actresses

There are many beautiful and attractive actresses in Hollywood and they are also famous with their persoanll and hot styles. This trend goes into Bollywood. Bollywood Actress want to replace their look like hollywood actress in their true light but when it comes to carving out a centre stage for attention and hogging the limelight, there are a number of hot, and haute, babes ready to make a beeline and replace Hollywood actresses.

Here are a few probable contenders.

20. Malaika Arora Khan

Replacing: Britney Spears

She is a true hot babe, a real sex symbol and a classic definition of a professional, all rolled in one. Years after marriage and kids, this beautiful actress who has hardly gone beyond item numbers in films retains her power to rule the centre stage to her advantage. She has it in her to be a real show stealer..............

19. Kangana Ranaut

Replacing: Halle Beri

If we were to fix a role for Kangana, it would be an ardent task for sure. She looks pale, speaks unclearly and is always seemingly dazed. It’s difficult to speak much of her acting skills but she sure has got a pretty face and a shapely figure too,not to mention a good director can get good acting work out of her too.

18. Freida Pinto

Replacing: Charlize Theron

She has technically forayed into Hollywood, already. We are just waiting to see her as a successful actress in her ensuing films – hopefully sooner than we think.

17. Neha Dhupia

Replacing: Drew Barrymore

She has had so little and so long ago that people never got a chance to accept or even reject her. Neha Dhupia, on her part, tried every sex gimmick that one could envisage to hang there and live to fight another day. But all in vain.

16. Anushka Sharma

Replacing: Salma Hayek

Anyone who makes a debut opposite Shahrukh Khan in India is sure to taste a super hit film from the word go. However, from there on you are on your own to prove your mettle. She has the looks and the height but does she have the mettle to survive in Hollywood? Let her survive in Bollywood then we shall know for sure if she needs to pack her bags for Hollywood.

15. Genelia D’Souza

Replacing: Keira Knightley

She is another actress from the young brigade who is yet to make a bubble in the silver screen. . But we have to be patient – the kid has only been let into the hot oil. Takes time to sizzle. Till then ads can work fine.

14. Ayesha Takia

Replacing: Carmen Electra

She is no protégé and has had no backing in the Bollywood film industry and yet has survived. With work and dignity. Thatbears testimony the hard working people will never need to blame the casting couch all the time.

13. Lara Dutta

Replacing: Lindsay Lohan

She made a predictable switchover from modelling to movies after the International Pageant victory, as is the norm in India. The only fathomable reason why she did not make much headway in Bollywood is her height and inability to switch boyfriends with élan and favourable publicity.

12. Asin

Replacing: Scarlett Johansson

She has been let down by the people of Tamil Nadu for shooting in Sri Lanka. An actress of beauty and talent she has can always pack her bags for Hollywood if only she gets a call. That way she can leave Sri Lanka and Bollywood both far behind and depend on better resources for scripting her success.

11. Sonam Kapoor

Replacing: Dakota Fanning

She is tall and attractive and belongs to a new age line of star child actors. We don’t know if Bollywood can drill the skills or performances out of her but maybe Hollywood can. And if daddy Anil Kapoor has his way, she has the wherewithal to make it to Hollywood someday.

10. Deepika Padukone

Replacing: Jessica Biel

A good actress with a body that suits a character akin to a lady James Bond! Or even an aide to the great character. Deepika Padukone is dabbling in a number of films but is yet to find her genre of acting – romance, song and dance drill or action. Maybe Hollywood can help.

9. Vidya Balan

Replacing: Eva Langoria

A talented artiste who doesn’t go merely by the parameters set by Bollywood. She has her own mind working and listens to it all the time. No matter what they say or write about her. That’s what the audience of the world needs to see in an actress which Hollywood can give them.

8. Sushmita Sen

Replacing: Rachel McAdams

She was an original hope for Indian success in Hollywood after being the first Miss Universe from India. The higher Bollywood and India hoped the less she served. She clearly stood inches above her male stars on the silver screen. Given her record ‘Sush’ could only set records with men in her life.

7. Karisma Kapoor

Replacing: Jennifer Lopez

A true blue-eyed professional, literally. this lady has all the makings of a star. She worked hard and played hard but left early. However, Bollywood could have achieved more with professionals of her calibre. . Indian film industry may have failed in unleashing her full potential.

6. Preity Zinta

Replacing: Penelope Cruz

We don’t know what she is up to. Currently on exile,this recommendation is on the basis of all the good work that she has done in the past. And also on the hope that Hollywood will give her a reason to make better use of her time in life.

5. Mallika Sherawat

Replacing: Jessica Alba

She redefined the ‘Never Say Die’ spirit among the pantheon of Indian film fraternity. Branded and segregated by a wide spectrum of Bollywood, this hot Jat gal gave them a real slip as she made through the corridors of Hollywood. However, little the pretty hot Mallika Sherawat made a noisy splash in Cannes with her Hollywood flick.

4. Bipasha Basu

Replacing: Nicole Kidman

She proves two points all the time –Bold and Dashing. She knows how to give that sweet coy smile while flexing her muscles. But not exactly the best voice tone in the world that an actress can be proud of. However, Bips, a sobriquet given to her, is a popular figure in the Indian film industry and can earn a good name for the country as well.

3. Priyanka Chopra

Replacing: Jennifer Aniston

An acclaimed sex symbol in some of her films where she impersonated a Hollywood actress with fervour and dexterity. There is no doubt that she can do the same if given a chance to show her mettle. On screen that is!

2. Katrina Kaif

Replacing: Megan Fox

It would just be apt if this dazzling actress lands herself in Hollywood. She speaks pathetic Hindi, which is not a flaw really, and English is her mother tongueas she hails from the UK. so doing the roles in typical Hollywood movies wouldn’t be an issue for her. That apart, her beauty combined with innocence lends her a persona that befit the challanges Hollywood may pose.

1. Aishwarya Rai

Replacing: Angelina Jolie

She seems to be all ready to be taken but isn’t actually taken by anyone that is bonafide Hollywood. Sadly enough for Aishwarya, the Gurinder Chhaddhas and the Mira Nairs are not in that list by a long way. We know Aishwarya Rai is beautiful and hot but is yet to sizzle Hollywood.



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