Sunday, August 29, 2010

Chinese Model Lin Ketong Biography - 5 Pics

Born in 20 September 1988, Lin Ke Tong is an Advertising Model with 172 CM. Her constellation is Virgo Libra. The personality of Lin Ketong is very romantic charming, lovely, sentimental, multiple personalities, Wen Wan Xianshu, innocent girl, emotional specificity, gentle beauty, benevolent of man........
oral Chan: Peas Mom
Pets: The Dance of Youth - Peas Mom (mother). Mimi (public). Salsa (a)
Idol: Audrey. Hepburn
favorite activities: singing K, watching movies
like Chisha: delicious food
favorite song: Airport at 10:30
Favorite movie: Titanic, King Kong
like the stuff: small toys, dolls
like to go place: the distance
of other hobby: sleep, listen to music, shopping, watching movies, photos, Internet.
Who am I: willful, kind and lovely glowing aesthetic Princess ~ Little Dragon Girl