Friday, September 6, 2013

The 4 Major Health Benefits Of Coconut Milk

The 4 Major Health Benefits Of Coconut Milk
Coconut milk have a good nutrition for the body. There are at least four major benefits to be gained when drinking 'coconut milk'. Check out more as reported by the Live Strong following.

Balancing Weight
Study says that healthy eating fatty foods can actually make fat. So get your intake of healthy fats 'coconut milk' for the sake of balancing the weight.

Boost the Immune System
'Coconut milk' contains on lauric acid which is an anti-microbial agents, anti-fungal, and anti-virus. So drink 'coconut milk' can improve the immune system and prevent various diseases.

Lowers the Risk of Heart Disease
Another study that describes the consumption of 'coconut milk' is associated with a reduced risk of heart disease. Because medium chain fatty acids that kill bacteria that cause clotting within the arteries.

Nourish the Skin and Hair
'Coconut Milk' also gives its own properties for the skin and hair. In addition to consumption, coconut milk can be used as a skin and hair mask to make both parts of the body more soft and shiny.

That's the main properties of 'coconut milk' or coconut milk. In addition to be used as food ingredients such as opportunistic or curry, coconut milk can also be processed into fresh healthy drinks like a compote.


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