Friday, July 19, 2013

Secrets To Sleep Soundly During The Summer

Secrets To Sleep Soundly During The Summer

Hot air that makes a lot of people cannot sleep at night. They will continue to feel the heat plus the number of mosquitoes that come. Summer is often coupled with emotional make sleeping uncomfortable because of the heat. Here are tips for a comfortable sleep during the summer reported by eHow.

1. Prepare The Beds Were Comfortable
Use cotton or linen with satin because it's cold in the skin. Including pillowcases. Additionally each pillow behind you wake up at night so that was cool.

2. Wear a Thin Nightgown
Wear clothing that is thin and comfortable. In addition to easy to move nightgown is comfortable will make you sleep more soundly.

3. Avoid Coffee And Alcohol
The caffeine in coffee can raise blood pressure and can make your body feel hotter. That applies also to alcohol.

4. Use Fans And Air Conditioning
This is the most effective way to avoid the heat during the night. But set the air conditioning temperature and fan rotation that is not too cold that actually make you catch a cold.

5. Open A Little Window
Fresh air coming in through the windows will make your room feel cooler. But the risk is a lot of mosquitoes or insects that can fit in your room.

Get a good night's sleep and pleasant during the summer with the tips above.


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