Friday, June 28, 2013

Healthy Air in the Home Can Prevent Asthma

Healthy Air in the Home Can Prevent Asthma

Maintaining a healthy air in the home for those who may suffer from asthma, it is important to do. Keeping up with the good condition of the air in the house, will provide convenience for you to be able to control your asthma suffering. The air quality in the home will provide a sense of security for you in every activity.

To maintain the house friendly to someone with asthma such as your example, you have to keep all the things that can trigger asthma attacks you have. stated there are several objects in your home can trigger asthma you have, such as perfumes, aerosol sprays, cleaning products, paint smell, or the smell of gas for the stove, all of which can trigger your asthma attacks.

To maintain the condition of the air inside the house remains safe, you should also be aware of other factors that arise from outside the house, the visitor or guest who turns out you're a smoker. Ask him that he did not smoke during her visit to your home. Smoke from the cigarettes he could bring cause you to develop asthma, and makes the air inside the house contaminated by cigarette smoke.

The windows of your house that serves as a ventilator, do not forget to open each day. Open a window every day will give you a new air supply to your home. The air is always changing every day to make your home more fresh condition and not stuffy.

That way you can do to maintain the condition of the air in the home to keep it fresh. Do not forget to open the windows every day, huh?


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