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The 69th Venice Film Festival 2012: The Best Outfits

The 69th Venice Film Festival - 2012 held on the island of Lido. And we can already measure outfits main characters and the stars of the festival.

The legendary Gina Lollobrizhida chose questionable dress to attend the Venice Film Festival. One of them adorned creepy flowers, and the second set can not be combined with a red cravat. And yet we do not condemn the eternal beauty, she has allowed just everything....

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Violante Placido, daughter of Commissioner Cattani all of the TV series "The Octopus" by Michele Placido appeared on the red carpet in a red toilet hands Alberta Ferretti.Such a beautiful outfit completely discouraged all thoughts of that red dress on the red carpet - it is not comme il faut.

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Romina Mondello wanted to impress the audience delicate lace weaving, but it is hardly possible. This dress weight disadvantages: dirty color ("wet asphalt"), the wrong style - dress is clearly too high in the chest. Also, I was alarmed by a black cloth, which is visible at the base of neck to the back - hardly as it was intended.




Is not the first time we see on the red carpet of the 69th Venice Film Festival creations Valentino. This time evening dress designer Italian hands to try on Olga Kurylenko , the image that may or may not be the best way Film Festival, but can claim the title of the original (in the best sense of the word). The dress is really very interesting. So you saw a lot of leather evening dresses on the floor? I do not. Usually it or a cute cocktail dresses, dresses, or severe cases. Of course, a combination of delicate lace and rough leather gained their popularity a few seasons ago, but I think no one would argue that this combination always looks very original and wildly feminine.



Dress Alessandra Mastronardi is hardly cheap - it looks gorgeous. A 26-year-old Italian actress was a crisp white evening gown to the floor with double-layer lace skirt and long Basques by Alessandra Rich. Unfortunately, the way I like Alessandra only to the ankle - the shoe is clearly something wrong. I like that the color blends in with the silver sandals belt at the waist, but I would have preferred them graceful pointy pumps.



Winona Ryder looked very well groomed and elegant, but back in the black. Her black dress had already started to tire and bores. Winona arrived in Italy in a cute black dress, then changed into evening dress for the premiere of the film "The Ice."



Italian actress Dorothy Mercury decided to give up so long dress showing off her beautiful legs. In my opinion, the dress looks rustic and Mercury are not afraid of, cheap, although I like his rich color, which changes its color depending on the light.Dress disappoint, but the necklace in the form of a large chain looks very good.



The girl with the great stage name Andzhelabebi represented on the red carpet at the film with his participation, "Tai Chi." For such an important event, Chinese Beauty Choose a dress the color of a line of lime Georges Chakra Couture. Beautiful color - this is probably the only thing that is admirable in this dress, because otherwise - is a solid disaster. Fabric looks sooo cheap (my Barbie wore dresses of about the same), the abundance of decoration and tulle tail suggests the graduation ball in the middle of one of the American schools. It is a pity that such a lovely exterior design has not got better.




Olga Sorokina is the third time decorates the red carpet film festival for its unusual outfits. This time the choice fell on our model, a long black dress with metallic accents on the bodice. Olga's image can be called successful only at a stretch (in my opinion, lacks color and accessories visible), but it stands out from the lace toilets.


Russian actress Ksenia Alferov out on the red carpet in a dress from Alexander Terekhov floral print.


Also not afraid of bright prints and colors Dzhanabaeva Albina, one of the soloists of Viagra.



And also ...



Letīcija Kasta


Ticiana Roka


Pīrss Brosnans


Rendija Hingermane


Olga Kuriļenko


Zaks Efrons un Maika Monro


Marina Ripa de Meana


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