Friday, June 15, 2012

Boyfriend Addicted to Football? Tests Here!

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Since Euro 2012 , it has been proved that football is not just kicking the ball, but also potentially kick your love life (and that's not achievement). Well, do this test to see how far your boyfriend addicted to football.....

Note how the behavior of him on while watching a favorite team or game.

Boyfriend Addicted to Football

Beware of These Signs:

He thought about football (and any sport) while doing other work that matters.

He is angry or very annoyed when there are disruptive of the game (for example, when you asked, "did not eat? ').

Deliberately leave time with family or important things to watch game shows. Including canceling an appointment with you. Hicks..

Become depressed, angry or violent when I discovered favorite team lost the match. Shouted fair shortly after the game, but if she was moody or emotional fixed a day later, beware!

If your boyfriend into the characteristics of the above...

Helping In Ways You Can:

Write down how much time he spent watching, thinking, reading and talking about favorite teams for a week. He and you will be amazed by the amount of time wasted.

Remind him that there are some events that should not be abandoned in favor of friendship relations, such as family gatherings, birthday parties’ friend, and so forth.

Spend more time with him in a circle of family or friends. Make sure that there are many more important things in life than watching a football game.

If you've almost given up, enlist the help of mental health therapy to reduce the habit.

Is your spouse a positive addiction football? Leave your vent in the comments! ;)


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