Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Health News: I Hate Monday Because It Leads to Heart Attacks

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"I hate Mondaaaayy ..." so the words are often uttered some people, ranging from students especially for those who have returned to the office. Not willing to leave the weekend to re struggling with a pile of tasks and jobs. Almost all citizens of the world hates Mondays, and you should begin to be vigilant, because the stress and pressure on Monday could be fatal......

Blood Pressure Heart Attacks Rise Up

Reported by NewsMax Health, a study conducted by the Tokyo Women's Medical University found that the blood pressure of men and women volunteers to increase the time they will go to work on Monday morning. While those who do not work on Monday and the rest do not experience spikes in blood pressure.

I Hate Monday

Other studies have shown that heart attacks are more common on Mondays as much as 20 percent compared to the other day. The researchers suspect that this is associated with increased blood pressure on Monday. Another factor of this attack is a blood platelet stickiness in the morning and a surge of adrenaline that can break the blood vessels are closed cholesterol.

Press Stress I Hate Monday!

This dangerous combination makes a person should be able to control the stress and pressure of work that must be faced on Monday, even more so for those who have problems with heart and vascular disease. If you are experiencing stress and pressure ahead of Monday, you can do the following things:

- Make sure you get enough sleep well at night and Monday, so the body and the mind calmer when you return to the office.

- Choose a healthy breakfast menu, rich in fiber and protein as the nutrient supply deal with routine work.

- Monday morning is identical to a standstill, there is no harm in leaving early, especially if you use public transport.

- If you drive a car, play music and songs that can raise your spirit, forget the plaintive or maudlin songs that can make your mood worse.


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