Monday, November 14, 2011

Excess Salt Harmful To Brain

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Salt, one of the cooking spices are used by nearly all the kitchens in the world. Not complete a meal without salt, until there is an expression that says 'Like vegetables without salt'. Recent years, more and more foods that contain salt (without the unconscious), ranging from processed meats, frozen foods and fast food.

In line with a variety of health complaints, the number of salt intake in the daily menu disinyalir be one cause. As reported by Genius Beauty, a poll conducted in 1200 who have indicated that no relationship between salt intake, lifestyle, and impaired cognitive (the ability to think, solve problems and learn).....

Excess Salt Harmful To Brain

Much Less Salt + Athletics = Poor Cognitive Ability

This research chief, Carol Greenwood other poll data involving people aged 67-84 years. He concluded that people who abstain from salt and rarely do much physical training began to show poor results in tests of cognitive ability, even if they do not show signs of hypertension are often associated with the consumption of salt.

From these results can be seen that the salt does not only affect blood pressure, but also affect bone and heart health in general. The experts recommend to avoid processed foods rich in salt and replace it with fruits and vegetables. The doctors warn that physical activity can help eliminate the effects of salt intake, but without changing her diet.


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