Thursday, January 13, 2011

Kim Tae Hee Answers All Calls Made to MBC - News

Credit: Cr. - allkpop

You know who is this beauty? This is Kim Hee-sun who is one of the top South Korean actress. According to source, Hallyu Star Kim Tae Hee’s face voice has been chosen to represent MBC. Reportedly, when one calls MBC, they can hear Kim Tae Hee’s pre-recorded voice messages: “Hello, this is MBC. I am the real princess Kim Tae Hee from MBC’s Wednesday/Thursday drama, ‘My Princess‘. Please wait for a little bit and we will connect you directly. Happy New Year everyone.”.........

Kim Tae Hee was chosen to be the representative voice along with MBC’s FM radio hosts Kim Heung Kook and Kim Kyung Shik. The message was recorded back on January 3rd, and everyone was surprised at how the actress perfected the recording in her first try. Last year Han Hyo Joo, the lead actress from the drama “Dong Yi“, was the representative voice of MBC. See here more beautiful photos of Kim Tae Hee...


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