Friday, September 17, 2010

Mortgage Loans and Mortgage Loan Benefits by Misbah Wajahat

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You are looking beautiful innocent Pakistani girl Misbah Wajahat. She recently completed her Diploma of Financial Services from Deakin University Australia. She told that the Diploma of Financial Services (Finance/Mortgage Broking Management) is an award program designed to teach participants how to generate an income from diverse lending portfolios, including residential, commercial, plant and equipment loans. It also provides other complementary skills such a developing, marketing and managing a business. Misbah want to tell us the difference in Mortgage and benefits of Mortgages. First she told.

What is Mortgage?

Mortgage may refer to:

* Mortgage loan, a loan secured by a mortgage on real property
* Mortgage, a security interest on real property granted to a lender, as in mortgage law
* The mortgage document (deed)
* Hypothec

What is Mortgage Loan:

A mortgage loan is a loan secured by real property through the use of a mortgage note which evidences the existence of the loan and the encumbrance of that realty through the granting of a mortgage which secures the loan. However, the word mortgage alone, in everyday usage, is most often used to mean mortgage loan.

Benefits of Mortgage Loan:

The first benefit of mortgage loans is that there are many types of mortgage loans and are available and used worldwide. The flexibility of interest rates also adds to the benefits of mortgage loans. Here, the interest rates may be fixed for the life of the loan or can be changed at certain predefined periods. The amount paid per period and the frequency of payments; in some cases, the amount paid per period may change or the borrower may have the option to increase or decrease the amount paid.

A VA mortgage offers veteran buyers a program with a zero down payment. This means the loan will equal the sales price or the appraised value of the home. The VA mortgage loan program permits veterans with qualifying income and credit to acquire a home without a down payment towards the sales price of the home. On the other hand, Veterans do need money towards closing costs, which the seller can assist the
buyer with.

The main alternative to capital and interest mortgage is an interest only mortgage, where the capital is not repaid throughout the term. This way you can benefit more from Mortgage loans. This type of mortgage is common in the UK, especially when associated with a regular investment plan. With this arrangement regular contributions are made to a separate investment plan designed to build up a lump
sum to repay the mortgage at maturity. This type of arrangement is called an investment-backed mortgage or is often related to the type of plan used.

Another big benefit in the VA home mortgage program is there is no Mortgage Insurance. Unlike Conventional mortgage loans and FHA mortgage loans, VA mortgage loans do not charge monthly mortgage insurance. This is an average savings of anywhere between $30 a month to $200 a month, depending on the size of the home loan.

What got most homeowners in trouble with the ARM loans is that many homeowners were going with the ARM loan as the only way to get approved for the loan. Once the loan reached the adjustment period, many consumers could not afford the new payment. Make sure that when you look at the ARM loan program, that you can afford the highest possible payment. Many mortgage companies now have underwriting guidelines set in place that require the lender to qualify a homeowner based on the highest possible payment.

Mortgage Loans have a number of loan options. You can easily find the right lending package for your individual needs, depending on your current and future financial situation. A Mortgage Loan also has the flexibility of lowering your mortgage duration so that you can become debt free sooner than usual.


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