Thursday, December 10, 2009

Pooja Chopra Miss India 2009


Who is the winner of Miss India? The title of Miss World has been won the maximum number of times by India and Venezuela, 5 times each. This year India is being represented by Pooja Chopra and she hopes to increase this number to 6 on 8 Dec, 2009. The winner of Miss India is Pooja Chopra.

After winning the title Pooja said, “When I entered Miss India, I wanted to win for my mother, who has been through a lot in life. Now that I have to compete at Miss World, I want to win it for India. And I’m sure people will pray for me.”

Now that she has been crowned Miss India, Pooja is loving every minute of it. The fast pace of her daily life, the immense travel, the numerous events and appearances she has to do on a daily basis, drawing up funds for the charity she endorses, Pooja has enough on her plate but this good-looking lady is not complaining. After all, she has always prayed for this life.

Newly selected Miss India World Pooja Chopra (C), Miss India Earth Shriya Kishore (R), and Miss India Universe Ekta Chaudhary pose during the Miss India Pageant 2009 in Mumbai April 5, 2009.


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