Friday, December 11, 2009

American Singer Lady Gaga Talks To Barbara Walters

Lady Gaga Barbara Walters, The American singer Lady Gaga talks to Barbara Walters on “10 most fascinating people 2009”el Wednesday. Barbara Walters, in particular, a presentation 23 years of age, Lady Gaga reveals that she is in fact bisexual.

Gone are the days when people hesitated to make such delicate and sensitive questions, especially on live talk shows. So did 80 years of age, when Barbara Walters asked Jill Stefani Germanotta Joanne is best known by her stage name Lady Gaga, are you bisexual? ”

The YouTube video shows that Lady Gaga answered the question by saying yes, even blush. When asked by Barbara about men, Lady Gaga said that only men has fallen in love, though she also likes women. ‘But do they have sex with women, “Barbara continued to ask that, my Lady only leaves the audience to decide.

The famous journalist and media personality Barbara Walters Jill also discussed another hot topic involving bisexual rapper Adam Lambert regarding the performance of their own. The scandal was highlighted by the famous Rolling Stone about his coming as a gay man in the audience at the American Music Awards.

Barbara Walters Jill is of the view that times have changed so much, one must always be on toes to anticipate a question about anything. In the list of “10 most fascinating people of the Barbara Walters special 2009”en are the Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Favre, Glenn Beck, Kate Gosselin, children King of Pop Michael Jackson (Paris and Blanket), Sarah Palin, Tyler Perry , and Jenny Sanford. source file


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