Friday, April 23, 2010

Kitchen Tips by Shomita Verma From United Kingdom

Shomita Verma is a newly married girl from United Kingdom. She like to work in Kitchen. Shomita says that Kitchen should be neat and clean with attractive decoration. She tells us some advice about kitchen decoration, Kitchens commonly have a decorating theme or not. There are accessories and furniture which must be placed in the kitchen whether the kitchen has a theme or not. For counter top positions you can use appliances which are commonly used like toasters and electric opener. Commonly kitchen appliances is manufactured and come in to some colors which are amazing look like white, black, or green or harvest gold. You can choose the colors which are contrasting to your wall. The last is adding ornament to your kitchen wall. You can hang the photo of your family or other picture which suitable to be placed in the kitchen.

Before buying kitchen decor and accessories, consider your kitchen windows and walls. Visualize how they may look with retro colors. You can also try window treatments to achieve that retro kitchen theme. What can be more suitable to these windows? Of course, vintage curtains!

For retro kitchen decor, furniture and accessories, there are lots of stuff you can easily find to compliment this theme. You can try using pottery and dish towels. You can also have retro kitchen chairs as well as tables. Use the fun retro style by implementing chrome furniture or even modern styles coming from the 1960s. Make sure you choose your furniture and accessories wisely so you don't end up wasting money by buying new pieces all over again.


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