Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Who Do You Dress? 8 Dress Photos

Bride Dress

Every woman does her best to get as cheap as possible for the days to come. Good grooming gives confidence and helps you to daily life head-on action. For parties and romantic encounters, we do even further. But for those who dress we still really mean?

It is said that women dress mainly for other women to outdo or at least to not less than other women to feel. Oddly enough I heard the assertion that of men than of women heard (and if I'm honest, I must say that this statement I am sometimes a little irritating).......

I personally think that women in general especially for dressing himself. Beautiful outfit and make-up and hair care make life more pleasant. You feel better, is stronger in your shoes and can in life with greater force. Especially in the workplace is a groomed appearance is a must (and this applies not only for women).

If it is a festive occasion, it is perhaps more subtle. First you dress festively because it is a matter of respect. For yourself and for those who organized the festive occasion. It is also logical that you try to be as beautiful on the scene to appear. But as a woman I'd rather say that you do for yourself and for the men (your own blood in particular!) Than do the other women to outdo.

But what do you think? Who do you dress? For yourself, your husband, other men, other women?

Beautiful Dress Beautiful Dress

Beautiful Dress Beautiful Dress
Beautiful Dress Beautiful Dress
Beautiful Dress


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